About Us

Judith Foundation is a non-profit making and local non-governmental organization (LNGO) based in the northern region of Malawi in Mzuzu City.

Since 2010, our focus is on helping the world’s most vulnerable children, youths, women, elderly, and communities, to overcome poverty for them to experience fullness of life. We work in the most dangerous and hard to reach areas to help children, youths, women, elderlies, and communities of all backgrounds, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

 Our Vision

A world with empowered children, youths, women, elderly and restored lives, before, within, and after a tragedy of life; and systems that responds to equal access of human rights.

Mission Statement 

To contribute towards the creation of an environment where vulnerable children, youths, women, and elderly, regardless of (gender, race, ethnic group and social orientation) are empowered as well as restored in all aspects of their lives and are self reliant but also actively taking part in society.


To empower vulnerable children, youths, women, elderly and communities in their diversity